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How to get rid of excess water from the body?

Our bodies contain a high percentage of water. Water is found in cells, tissues, organs, muscles and cardiovascular system. In fact, as many as 70% of our body are made ​​up of water.

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Our bodies have well-regulated level of the water in the body. Excess water is treated by kidneys and excreted as urine. But sometimes it can get to the occurrence of certain conditions and disorders that encourage your body to store any excess water. Then you feel and look swollen.

Some causes accumulation of excess water is relatively easy to solve, such as excessive salt intake. However, edema can pose a major health problem and cause life-threatening condition, such as lung and heart.

If you notice that your body started to retain excess water, first consult a physician. Only when you are sure it is not a serious health problem, you can take some steps.

Increase water intake

When you do not drink enough water, your body begins to retain water in order to put enough power to perform bodily processes. Therefore, drink cold water constantly throughout the day, 8 to 12 glasses is optimal.

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables

Is there any problem that fruits and vegetables will at least alleviate? Some fruits and vegetables have a natural diuretic effect, such as asparagus, beets, parsley, onions and beans. Some species are composed of a large part of the water, such as watermelon.

Smart spice food

Dandelion and ginger are known to release excess water from the body. Start using herbal spices that will help your body get rid of excess water. The offer is really great, find your favorite spices and start to use them every day because they all work in favor of your body.

Reduce salt intake

Excessive intake of salt promotes water retention in the body. Therefore, be careful with the salt intake and avoid processed foods, which is full of salt. Avoid salty snacks because you will be the next few days feeling bloated.

Daily exercise

Exercise can do wonders in terms of water retention in the body. It encourages the expansion of blood vessels and the blood more easily through them, and the excess fluid leaves the body more easily. You do not have to run for hours to achieve this effect. Walk 30 to 40 minutes a day will be enough.

Avoid sugar

Sugar can encourage water retention in the body, especially simple carbohydrates which are found in soft drinks, sweets and snacks. Can cause sudden changes in blood sugar levels, and thus the sudden change in the level of insulin.

Reduce stress levels

Do what calms you down. It is very important to learn to deal with stress, as this will help the body to release higher water. Effective proved to yoga, meditation, exercise, reading, cuddling with pets, gardening and cooking. Some of these rituals become a daily occurrence.


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