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Eight hugs a day “guarantee” happiness

It’s always nice when you can find in the arms of a loved one, but what then happens in our body? Hugging causes the secretion of the two most important hormones mood – oxytocin and cortisol, say Australian scientists.

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The first is known as the hormone of happiness, which is mostly secreted during childbirth and lactation, and after hugs its concentration increases, the stress hormone cortisol decreases. If you find yourself in the arms of the person you love ten minutes, then we will feel less fatigue, mood will be better, and the tension will go.

Also, high blood pressure decreases, which is beneficial to the heart. A hug strengthens the immune system and relieves pain, according to research on as many as 60,000 participants.

Love hormone promotes social cohesion and positive emotions, brings mothers with children in childbirth and stimulates milk secretion. In addition, this hormone rejuvenates and strengthens muscles. The biggest changes in the level of oxytocin occur after Valentine’s embrace, although the arms of a friend has almost the same effect.

Daily we need at least eight hugs and 12-can advance your career, say scientists.


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