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7 incredible aphrodisiac: Spice up your food and sex life

Not satisfied with your sex life? Liven it with the help of food. Nutritional experts for sex and food have put together a list of a few foods that are excellent aphrodisiac and tested arouse libido.

aphrodisiac chili pepper

1. Chillies

Hot from peppers comes from capsaicin chemical that stimulates nerve endings, increases heart rate, increases heart rate and blood flow to the sexual organs. Scientists believe that eating spicy food releases endorphins, a chemical that contributes to greater sexual excitement.

2. Seaweed and algae

In Asia, this spice is known from ancient times, and is increasingly being used in European cooking, as it is known for its high content of iodine and B vitamins.
If you like fish or sushi you order at the restaurant a little more seaweed which he twists. If you live fish does not sound tempting to try to find health food stores dried seaweed chips or make a fresh salad of seaweed.

3. Avocado

Strange but certainly true, the Aztecs have this plant called “testicle tree”, mainly due to the shape of the fruit, but not only the shape but also the texture provide sensual mouthfeel. Avocados contain healthy mono unsaturated fat, healthy for your heart, but beneficial for your libido. It is believed that is fruit lover because it is proven to stimulate sexual vitality.

4. Oysters

They are rich in zinc and other minerals, and at the same time increase the level of mineral that is important when we talk about the hormones responsible for reproduction, especially testosterone. In most supermarkets you can find them, and as far as preparation or toss them in a pan or make a salad sauce.

5. Garlic

Despite the unpleasant smell, are also well ranked on the list of most lovely foods in medieval France, with garlic soup was a staple on the menu ardent lover, eager endless caresses. And in some Middle Eastern countries, the groom and still carry a clove of garlic in your pocket!

6. Banana 

Banana is also high on the list of aphrodisiacs. Whether it is also influenced by the suggestive shape of this fruit can be argued, but it is scientifically proven that bananas contain alkaloid Bufotenin, as well as vitamin B6, which have a positive effect on the brain – enhance mood and sexual desire is.

7. Almonds 

Almonds have long been associated with fertility- that their odor seems to excite women, so they are often used at weddings. These foods contain nutritive substances is important for improving sex life – only 28 grams of almonds provide you with 35 percent of the recommended daily dose of vitamin E, which affects fertility and function of sexual organs.

8. Figs

Figs have long been associated with fertility and sex. They were the favorite fruit of the famous Cleopatra, and the Greeks celebrated the ritual sexual intercourse each rod figs. Thousands of years later, the erotic status fig tree does not fade. Scientists say figs are rich in magnesium, an essential ingredient that you “Run”. It is very easy to check if their reputation is justified.


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