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Can crunches melt belly fat?

The most common mistake in losing weight is to focus on one part of the body. A large number of overweight people the area of ​​the stomach are trying to solve by doing crunches, but experts point out that it failed utterly.

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Scientific studies have shown that most people are overweight with abdominal crunches trying to reduce, and thereby neglecting other, much more important factors. Pounds from stomach will not go away if it will be the only crunches you do, even if they did thousands.

Crunches are, experts say, the last step in removing excess weight from your stomach. Also, do not think that will help starvation. Studies have shown that starvation does not reduce the percentage of body fat, percentage of muscle, but. In other words, your stomach may seemingly look smaller, but what you did not reduce fat, but muscle.

The first step in reducing excess weight is to lose weight by adopting healthy eating habits and aerobic exercises. One research has shown that aerobic exercise (running, walking, skating, cycling, etc.) with the best reduction in the percentage of body fat.

As far as eating a healthy diet, it has to be diverse. Every day should eat 3 main and 2 snacks. You enter a large amount of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, skim milk and dairy products, as well as water and natural fruit juices.

The second step, which is the latest in reducing excess weight from muscle, the exercise of power or crunches. They will help to strengthen and shape your stomach muscles.

It is important to know how to properly raditie abs. If in doubt, seek the help of experts. Also, do not overdo it as excessive performing crunches adversely affects the muscles of the lower back, which can result in unpleasant pain.

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