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You certainly did not know this about potassium

Potassium is a mineral of which is certainly not a hit like some other elements such as sodium or calcium, which is really unfair because potassium should be a vital component of your daily diet. Potassium is responsible for bone health and maintenance pioneering on a high level. Besides protecting the health of the heart and kidneys.


The recommended daily dose of calcium is 4,700 milligrams, but a survey conducted in the US showed that only two percent of their population really reaches that goal. The same survey showed that women consume much less potassium than men. One of the reasons people do not get enough potassium is the fact that almost the same foods contain potassium and sodium, and with a desire to lower sodium intake we do not consume enough potassium.

We reveal some facts related to the potassium that you simply must know.

When we think of the potassium we are sure that most of you think of falling banana that is really rich in potassium, but not the only one. Potassium rich are baked potatoes, which even contains twice as much potassium than bananas. Also, potassium is rich into tomato puree, just make sure to buy one in which there is no salt. Other foods rich in potassium are: white beans, avocado, nonfat yogurt, green vegetables, beetroot leaves …

Have you ever felt that your heart beats rapidly or irregularly? Are you feeling the sudden weakness, numbness and cramps? All this can easily be symptoms of potassium deficiency in the body. The lack of this mineral can cause a condition called hypokalemia, and is a major causative all these symptoms. On the other hand, the much rarer condition, hyperkalemia, or an excess of potassium causes almost the same symptoms.

Our body craves to maintain a normal pH balance in the body, or more precisely, about 7.4 which is an ideal value due to metabolism, enzymes, immune system performance and mechanisms for recovery work perfectly. Adequate potassium intake is really important for maintaining the pH balance. Potassium acts as a natural diuretic that is absorbed during digestion and excess goes through urine which maintains pH at a satisfactory level. This function maintains the health of the kidneys and reduces the risk of stones.

All those who take the drugs for blood pressure are under a certain risk of potassium deficiency which subsequently increases the risk of diabetes type 2. The main solution to this problem is simply increased potassium intake and foods that contain it, such as bananas, baked potatoes (with very little salt and oil) and oranges.

Women who have gone through menopause are at greater risk of stroke than those who are younger, and studies say that if in this period of life, increase the intake of potassium that risk will be greatly reduced. The study, which lasted less than 11 years showed that women who consumed higher amounts of potassium are 12 percent less likely to suffer a stroke, which is really good news.

Although it is quite in the shadow of some other minerals, by no means don’t ignore potassium and make sure that you intake it enough during the day.

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