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No more excuses not to exercise!

If you use the same excuses for years to avoid exercise we have a solution for you that will help you finally overcome everything that hampers you to free yourself and start with physical activity.


Physical activity is an important item in every man’s life, and if you want to be healthy and fit you simply have to run and that’s all the wisdom. We bring you the five most common excuses people use not to practice male and advice on how to overcome them.

First things first.

I’m too out of shape that I went to the gym. If you are slightly embarrassed to go to the gym among people who are in much better shape than you then you have no problem. Today there are many fitness programs that you can follow on the YouTube channel or on a DVD in your own home so you do not have anywhere to go. Get weights, a special mat, sneakers and go, and then when you get fitter turn into a gym or continue as before.

I’m too old / but I’m starting to. Sorry, but this is certainly one of the stupidest excuses that you can say, and when you think of to remember that this year’s oldest participant of some marathons. Never too late.

There is no one to practice with me. This is the classic excuse for drawing, when people do not have anything concrete yet to catch as they can not be because they are alone. On the other hand maybe you could ask someone to exercise with you, maybe you and your friends started exercising, or are hesitant to ask you.

I do not look good in exercise equipment. You do not have to buy one narrow and short tights and cannons to practicing, if that does not feel comfortable. You can always choose a sweatshirt and light sweatsuit in which you feel comfortable.

I do not have time. This is certainly the most common excuse that people use, but also do not drink water as well as the others listed. Interval training is one of the best ways to exercise, and they imply short high intensity workouts. To maintain the form you will be enough only 10-20 minutes of exercise a day, but somehow you do not believe that you can not separate as much during the day.

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