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Yogurt diet

A healthy diet with plenty of yogurt to improve digestion and stimulate the melting of excess weight for 7 days.

yogurt diet

Simple, healthy and favorable effect on digestion, yogurt diet is recommended for everyone except people who are allergic to dairy products.

Diet lasts 7 days. If you’re a fan of yogurt, this diet you will certainly like it.

When purchasing choose yogurt with less fat (from o.5 to 1.6%), not fruit yogurt with added sugar or whipped cream. This diet will refresh, relieve, cleanse your body of harmful toxins (thanks to the curative action of yogurt).


Every day the same breakfast, Morning and afternoon snacks.

Breakfast: 150 to 200 ml of yogurt (one cup, applies in the following text) with the addition of cereal (1 tablespoon of cereal)

Morning snack: 200 ml yogurt, fruit of your choice (apple or pear or plum or three little cherries, etc.)

Afternoon Snack: 1 yogurt (glasses, 150-200 ml)

Lunch and dinner every day is different.

The first day

Lunch: Boiled or fried in a little oil and seasoned potatoes, 100 g steak (beef or pork brittle), cooked broccoli topped with two tablespoons of plain yogurt

Dinner: Potato and broccoli topped with plain yogurt, at lunch, but no steak, 1 yogurt

The second day

Lunch: Mixed salad with 100 g of tuna. Pour over salad and yoghurt, vinegar and salt.

Dinner: Plate of cream soup, 1 yogurt

Third day

Lunch: Fruit salad, topped with yogurt. If desired, sweeten with artificial sweeteners.

Dinner: banana, topped with yogurt, 2 piles of sweet cream

Fourth day

Lunch: spinach (spinach gravy), mashed potatoes, spiced butter, if desired 100 g chicken steak

Dinner: spinach, potatoes (half that at lunch), 1 yogurt

Day five

Lunch: a small piece of mozzarella pizza, a glass of lemonade, 1 yogurt

Dinner: 1 salt bagel with poppy seeds (bun sprinkled with poppy seeds), 1 yogurt

Sixth day

Lunch: rice with peppers, lettuce, 1 yogurt

Dinner: half risottos and salads at lunch, 1 yogurt

Seventh day

Lunch: Cream of broccoli soup, tuna sandwich (in a bun, add a little tuna from a can, a little lettuce, a tablespoon of corn and two tablespoons of yogurt), 1 yogurt

Dinner: mixed salad topped with yoghurt, 1 apple, 1 yogurt


You can eat fruit yogurt occasionally, but look for extra added sugar. The best thing is to make fruit yogurt yourself from plain yogurt and a piece of fresh fruit.

The last meal (dinner) make it before 19 hours, if you get hungry, give yourself another light yogurt. Every day, drink about two liters of liquids, preferably water, and can of lemonade or tea without sugar.

Do not forget to exercise. Every day exercise at least half an hour. You can also go walking with moderate speed walking (at least 30 minutes, preferably 45 minutes or more).


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