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What is normal with age, and what is not?

With aging you will certainly begin to notice certain changes, such as pain in certain parts of the body, poorer quality of sleep or difficulty concentrating. Are any changes that you feel normal or have reason to worry?

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What is normal?

Most people with age begin to notice difficulty in remembering names, words, or the place where they left the keys. In a certain period of time you should all remember. You may need a little more time, but you’ll eventually remember.

What is not normal?

If you can not remember something that happened yesterday, if you keep repeating the same meaningless actions, or you can not find your car no matter how hard you try, it’s very likely that you have the first symptoms of dementia.
Be sure to visit the doctor because serious memory problems may be a symptom of hypothyroidism, lack of vitamin B12 or clinical depression.


What is normal?

Most people over the age of 40 started feeling changes with vision. You may be harder to pull the thread through the needle or read smaller letters. It is normal for aging eyesight starts to deteriorate. You may now for the first time in my life have to start wearing glasses. You may notice that your eyes are often dry or watery.

What is not normal?

Sudden bad seeing color or flashes of light can mean that you are injured retina. Blurred color and brightness to the corners of the visual field may mean that you are suffering from cataracts. The sudden visual loss can be a sign of degeneration, a condition that can cause permanent vision loss. Difficulty with vision in traffic can mean that you are suffering from glaucoma, which can also cause permanent vision loss.
Be sure to visit the doctor as soon as you discover you suffer from these diseases. All experts recommend that after 40 years of viewing a sight every year or every other year.


What is normal?

By entering into the thirties begins to reduce the level of collagen, a protein that participates in the construction of all body cells. The result is an occasional pain in the joints and spine. But most people feel relief when taking anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers, but also adequate during physical therapy.

What is not normal?

Pain during sleep worrying. This may mean that you are suffering from certain types of cancer, infections, or severe inflammation. Back pain during sleep can be an indicator of osteoporosis or dangerously low levels of bone tissue. Numbness, tingling and weakness in the joints are also warning signs that need further attention.

Visit the doctor who will reveal the cause of the pain. Also consult the recommended daily dose of calcium and vitamin. Introduction Daily exercise which will help to reduce pain and increase bone mass.

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