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Quick ways to increase energy levels

There are many natural ways to increase the level of energy that will help you become and stay focused. Of course, none of this will not help if you do not sleep every day 7-9 hours. When you meet the basic need of the body for sleep, only then you can consider additional increase energy levels by using the following tips.

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Drink a glass of water

Even mild dehydration can reduce energy levels. There is no magic amount of water you should drink per day to notice an increase in energy levels, but the basic guideline is about 8 glasses.

Have breakfast

Breakfast is optional, it should not be skipped. Breakfast should contain fiber, protein and grains. This will speed up your metabolism, a faster metabolism means higher energy level.

Walk 10 minutes

A short walk can be enough to experience a significant increase in energy levels.

Reduce sugar intake

Refined sugars that are found in foods such as white bread, white pasta and sweets, causing rapid and immediate increase in energy, but it will after a few hours drastically lowered.

Snack on nuts

Nuts are an excellent source of magnesium, a mineral that is essential for increasing energy levels. When you overcome fatigue afternoon, eat a handful of nuts and almost immediately you will notice an increase in energy levels.

Eat every four hours

If you eat every four hours, then you body to provide a stable source of energy and prevent sudden changes in blood sugar levels.

Get out into nature

To increase the current level of consumption is best to stay in the open. Sun exposure your body provides the necessary dose of vitamin D, which increases energy levels and reduces the risk of depression.

Eat chocolate

To quickly and effectively increase energy levels, eat a little dark chocolate. The flavonoids in chocolate will improve cognitive function and improve your mood.

Take a shower with cold water

Just 30 seconds under a cold showerwill accelerate blood circulation and almost immediately increase energy levels.

Surround yourself in red

Studies have shown that the color red can increase energy levels because the body perceives it as a threat, which increases alertness and attention.

Take a deep breath

Shallow breathing causes a lack of oxygen in the body, and less oxygen in your body means a lower energy level.

Sit up straight

Hunched and incorrect posture is not only bad for your spine, but also for the energy levels. Sit up straight and throw your shoulders back to increase blood flow to the brain.

Stand up and stretch

For the current increase energy levels and get up and stretch well. This will increase the level of oxygen in the body and reduce muscle tension.

Eat eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of nutritional compounds and proteins that will satisfy your hunger and body provide a stable source of energy.

You enter ginseng

Studies have shown that ginseng can help increase energy levels and prevent fatigue afternoon.

Drink green tea

Green tea contains caffeine, which makes it excellent for increasing energy levels. It also contains polyphenols that promote cardiovascular health, blood flow and nutrients to the brain.

Intake of vitamin B group

B vitamins are essential for the prevention of chronic fatigue, irritability and anxiety. B vitamins will boost cognitive function.

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