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How to wake up without caffeine

If you’re addicted to caffeine, then you start the day unthinkable without a cup of good coffee.

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Although maybe there’s nothing better than to wake up with a cup of fragrant coffee, due to the negative symptoms of caffeine might have been looking for awakening in a healthier way.

In fact, according to research by the Mayo Clinic, more than four cups of coffee a day can cause negative symptoms such as insomnia and increased heart rate. For this reason, selection of caffeine to keep you awake may not be the healthiest choice.

Below you discover a couple of ways to do this morning, but during the day when you get tired, getting revved without a dose of caffeine.

Spend as much time in the fresh air

One of the best ways to wake up without caffeine is to expose your body to natural sunlight. As soon as you catch fatigue during the day, get to fresh air and breathe deeply a few times, or better yet – take a walk. This will help your body to wake up quickly. Also, the curtains in the bedroom left open during the night to the morning you could wake up the sunshine.

Wake up with a good rhythm

You know that feeling when you hear one of your favorite songs that you just get in the mood at the moment and force you to dance? Make sure that some of these songs become your alarm clock. This way you can quickly alert and literally jump out of bed.

Wake up your brain

To be awake, you must wake up your brain. You can achieve this by playing some puzzles like Sudoku or some good puzzles.

Ventilate the room

If you want to feel awake, the room where you spend your working hours should not be too stifling. Therefore, regularly ventilate the room for several minutes to allow fresh air. In the warm rooms fatigue overcomes us much easier and therefore the feel drowsy. The temperature of the room in which you work shall be as lower as possible.

Avoid carbohydrates

Foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar is not very good for health as it causes large fluctuations in the level of energy. To avoid this, choose breakfast foods rich in protein.

Rest your eyes

If you work for a computer, then you certainly often catches fatigue during working hours. Specifically, we are constantly looking at the screen and tired brain and eyes so it is necessary to provide them with pleasure. Take a break and move from the computer for a few minutes.

Do something that makes you happy

The hormones of happiness, or endorphins will wake up your brain so during working hours take a few moments and do what makes you happy. Whether it is a phone conversation with a loved one, correspondence with a friend or watching entertainment photos, find an activity that will cheer you up and awaken your mind.

Despite the busy schedule and numerous obligations that every day you have, do not neglect yourself and your health. Make sure to get enough sleep every day to be able to function normally for a few cups of coffee is definitely not a solution for the survival of working time.


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