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Yoga is the best anti-stress therapy

A man who is under stress is mentally deeply unhappy, and trying to fill this gap through a variety of other activities, often with food, alcohol or drugs.

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The man who is mentally stressed should start practicing yoga, the energy that was blocked various tensions or negative programs is  freed and slowly fills the empty spaces. People who practice yoga have less need to eat, a study conducted with young people show that they managed to get with the help of yoga free of alcohol and drugs.

Yoga teaches us exercises that relax and relieve the physical consequences of stress that has accumulated in the body. In fact, when one is under stress, there is a spasm, the pressure builds, the man is always in position “or fight-or-flight”, and the limbs leaving more blood than in the stomach. Because digestion is deteriorating, weak circulation…

And what happens when you do yoga? Reduce the level of cortisol, a stress hormone, immune system is stronger, you are lowering the pressure, wr are in better mood and less anxious.

Who is dissatisfied, and tries to fill this gap through a variety of other activities, often with food, alcohol or drugs.

More efficient than drugs
– Yoga is, therefore, primarily anti-stress discipline, but their strength is also evident in the treatment of pain in the lower back, especially with sciatica. Studies have shown that the effective time of medicines. However, it is important that an experienced yoga teacher make assessment when it is time to begin the exercise.

In addition to what we have stated, it seems that Yoga is good for heart health. That’s according to a survey of scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology. Similar results were achieved and the research conducted in the United States.

– In the U.S., in two months period, are followed people that having high blood pressure. During this time, the yogic breathing techniques of their average respiration of 15 per minute reduced to 10 at the end that their blood pressure was lower by 10-15 units, which is a big step forward. When you take into account how many people a year take only hypertension , it is clear to what extent the very yogic breathing a big favor .

Everyone can work yoga

Yoga teaches us to breathe properly. And deep breathing lightly improves the vitality and function of the lungs and facilitates the relaxation of smooth muscle.

The Most Beautiful in yoga is that it feels good to everyone and has no side effects. Can the practice and pregnant women as it helps them to properly breathe and relax.

– Yogic breathing techniques are divided into two groups. The first are those that encourage and are suitable for depressed, melancholic, inert people who do not have confidence in yourself, and the other with calming breathing techniques that are appropriate for people full of energy, euphoric, and even hysterical. Previously people had to learn to breathe properly and have good posture – says Potter.

In the world and in our country, is growing in popularity reiki yoga, which is a combination of specific yoga asana with the energy of Reiki techniques.

– This compound provides a deeper and more focused penetration of life energy in our body, and therefore the better psycho-physical condition. It is an active auto-treatment which is conducted under the guidance of instructors and over which is activated by the energy of powerful Reiki symbols. Reiki Yoga encourages the will to live, strengthens the immune system, regulating metabolism and rejuvenates the body.

There are many variants of yoga. So recently practiced yoga for the face, which acts as lifting. It is quite natural anti-age program, which is based on the standard rules of yoga. Women who have tried it say the person immediately shine and look younger. It claims New Yorker Anelis Hagen, a former stage actress and yoga instructor, who is this specific exercise program and developed.

Identity card of Yoga

  • Yoga is more than 5,000 years old
  • The first archaeological evidence of its existence have been discovered on the territory of present-day Pakistan
  • The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit root “Yuji”, which means “to unite”, “unite”.
  • Affirmed, primarily in the West, as a preventive, therapeutic and anti-stress methods of exercise
  • A system of exercise consists of yoga postures or asanas,
  • Breathing – pranayama, and yogic techniques of deep relaxation, yoga nidra.

10 benefits of yoga

  • relieves stress
  • Reduces pain
  • Improves breathing
  • Improves mobility
  • Provides power
  • regulates body weight
  • improves circulation
  • Reduces cardiovascular problems
  • It improves posture
  • takes us back to the present

This list, based on clinical studies, compiled and published the most important association of yoga teachers in the world “alajans Yoga” (Yoga Alliance)

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