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Tips for picky children

Have you ever been a picky child? Child in their growth and development passes through many “phases” which adapts to diet and foods used by adults. Selectivity is just one of them.

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Children arenaturally curious and in their research of taste and smell of food, some dishes they are so striking that they like to eat, while others are avoiding. Once they know you are so stubborn that parents can make a big concern.

Appetite children often varies, especially in front of the rapid growth. It will happen one day to eat good, and the next is almost they don’t want to eat anything. It is important not to create a big problem if the child does not want to eat. Surely he would eat when he gets hungry. It is normal if the child asks to eat only one food, one that he likes. Children love repetition in the diet and are very cautious when they feel that the introduction of a new food menu.

How does your picky child eat?

There are many different ways to encourage picky child to eat, here are some tips:

  • Set up around the child various toys, teddy bears, which will be hosted on your little feast. Usually, all of the children games are interesting.
  • Praise your child when he does put a food in the mouth, because it is another form of stimulus. Kids love colors and interesting that usually reach for foods that are brightly colored. Children love to play with pots of bright colors.
  • Allow the child and that you “help” in the preparation of food. All this is the stage when a child need to stimulate the best way to eat. Food will also be fun for both you and the child.
  • You can create different types of food in the form of numbers, letters, shapes, faces, animals. In a plate put small amounts of food because kids do not like extensive portions. If this fails to interest your child to eat, simply dispose of the plate in the fridge and offer it a bit later.
  • Music videos can have a positive impact on a child when it seems uninterested in food.


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