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10 things that you should follow if you want to lose weight in 2014

If you would like to lose weight after the festive season of overeating, you’re not alone. Research shows that the number of adults who practice are almost doubled during the first two weeks of January. Keep these tips to help you stay on track and reach the goal:

thinking for food

Set real goals for yourself

Set yourself realistic goals

Consider how many kilograms is reasonable to expect of yourself to lose, when you take into account your lifestyle, routine, upcoming holidays, celebrations and so on. If you have too high expectations, it can get to you quickly to give up.

Lift weights

Strength training helps to tighten, but also speeds up the metabolism, and will be easier to lose weight.

Watch what you eat

Almost any dish can become healthier by replacing some components. Try using avocado instead of butter or vanilla instead of sugar.

Picture yourself while you eat

Studies have shown that if you take a picture while you eat certain foods, you can significantly reduce your desire for her.

write down diet

Write down everything ingested

Keep a diary

Keeping a diary of food can be more successful in the way of weight loss. You can write down in a notebook or mobile phone all you have eaten during the day, but you can not lie to yourself.

Properly keeping track of what you entered in the body will have a clear picture of your effort when it comes to weight loss.

Burn Fat

A short, intensive training such as Tabata, can help to reduce the amount of fat in the body.

Stop overeat

Portion control plays an important role in weight loss, and serve yourself smaller portions than what you are used to and stop when you feel full.

Enjoy every bite

If you eat slowly, you give your body a chance to feel satiated, so you will not get overeat.

Do not forget to drink water

Regular intake of fluids in the body will make you feel more fresh, and if you drink the water, it will trigger less intake of calories in the body.

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