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6 habits that the body does not forgive

Did you know that two hours of sitting in a car is worse for the spine than eight hours of sitting in the office? Do not engage in unnecessary risk and find out what traces the lifetime leaves in your body.

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1.  Little movement

Poor circulation, which often occurs as a consequence of the lack of physical activity leads to congestion of the arteries, which increases the risk of stroke. If you walk every day at least 20 minutes or three hours once a week, you will half the risk.

2. Lot of alcohol

Too much alcohol is dangerous. The third glass of wine or beer a significantly affects the liver, which can be a bit too much to create even greater problems. If you want to remain in good health, every other week, set three days when you will not taste the alcohol.

3. Cigarettes

Reduce smoking to a minimum, because it leads to narrowing of the blood vessels, and thus to hypertension. Toxins from cigarettes hinder growth and ability to regenerate bone tissue, which in a later age can lead to osteoporosis. When quitting smoking, your body will take seven years to remove all the accumulated toxins.

4. Spine load

The backbone will remember each overload. Two hours of sitting in the car for the spine is worse than eight hours of sitting in the office, because there from time to time you still stand. The spine is particularly sensitive in the area of the cross and therefore take care of them. Whenever you can, doing exercises to strengthen the back muscles.

5. Upset stomach

Frequent upset stomachs may indicate a lack of vitamins in the body. Due to this, there is a hardening of the mucous membrane of the stomach, cramps and pains. If you have problems with digestion, three times a week and eat carrots or cabbage until the problems have stopped.

6. Too meat products

Daily consumption of meat products is not healthy, because doctors have found that saturated animal fat digestion in the body create substances that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. To get rid of the unhealthy eating habits, you first choose one day a week when you will not generally eat meat products.


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