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Do you know everything about sleep?

Lack of sleep is remembered by the body and can not be so easily back into balance.

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While we spend a third of our lives sleeping, some are still not clear what the dream means our body and how exactly it works.
Sleep is one of the basic biological needs. Dream has great influence on behavior, mood and health.

Experts count 3 of the myth of the dream which is not to be trusted:

Lack of sleep can catch up on weekends

Many people are not holding regular bedtime routines for the time during and await the weekend to sleep and rest. Unfortunately, lack of sleep the body remembers and can not be so easily back into balance. People who sleep six or fewer hours during the working days to try to catch up during the holidays, but continued to show strong signs of sleep deprivation (especially men) are irritable, prone to frequent changes of mood and have a higher risk of various bodily inflammation.

Drowsiness is the only indicator of sleeping deprivation

The truth is that some people need less sleep to function normally, but these are rare. Also, no matter what you feel sleepy, your cognitive abilities are reduced compared to the days when you sleep the recommended amount of sleep. Remember that your body relaxes during sleeping and to relax is important for the ability to overcome even the smallest duties.

Fatigue is the only consequence of lack of sleep

Deprivation harms your mental, physical and emotional health. Studies have shown that sleeping deprivation increases the risk of all conditions, from obesity to depression so. It is also proven that children who do not sleep enough, the deterioration of symptoms experienced by a lack of attention or hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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