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A systematic review of 60 seconds: Check Your Health!

Do not be lazy from time to time check for yourself on the state of your body. Prevention is the best way to good health.

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Only 60 seconds is enough with a few quick and easy home self-examination detect the condition of your body. Examine your daily routine, do not be lazy, take the time to make yourself a systematic review.

Blow your nose

Normal breathing that shows the state of the normal mucous membrane of the nose. However, the slightest change in the condition of the organism can be disrupted. Blow your nose in a white paper handkerchief. If you do not blow out anything, mucous membranes healthy. If you blow out the liquid transparent mucus, probably a case of irritation, change in temperature or allergies. Yellowish or greenish mucus describes a kind of inflammation that needs to be monitored.

Check urine

The normal color of urine should be a clear light yellow color. Changes in its color can be caused by many factors such as food, beverages, and certain health problems. If it is cloudy or too dark, make sure you do a laboratory analysis.

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Inspect nails

A healthy nail is firm, clear and transparent, and any change in its surface may be an indication of a greater or lesser problems. Each nail browse detail and note whether it has to change. Belica stains can mean a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, while yellow can indicate a yeast infection.

See hairbrush

If the brushes after notice more hairs than usual, clean thoroughly and comb again the next time pay attention to how the hair is left on it. Lose about 100 hairs a day is normal, but if the number exceeds 200 or if your hair falls out in clumps, it is time to see a doctor.

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Look at the eyes

Sclera has a lot to discover about health. It should be clean, clear and white. Redness of the eyes caused by small blood vessels that are for some reason expand and become more visible, but the whites of the eyes may become yellowish. Do the test so that seven consecutive days to observe daylight. If their color changes, the causes can be lack of sleep, irritation, allergy or effort, but if it persists, seek medical attention.

Browse moles

Skin cancer is the second most common disease among women between 20 and 29 years. It is because of this self-examination of the body is very important. From time to time, review the detailed skin, and the face and neck to feet. If you notice any unusual changes or new moles, spots or depigmentation, seek advice from a dermatologist.

What remains at dental floss

Brushing Flossing is an important part of the hygiene of the oral cavity. However, such a routine may be an indication of some change in it. At the end, clean the area between the gums and teeth. If you notice bleeding, do not bother because it can be an indicator of sensitive gums or minor infection that proper hygiene can be solved. But if right after cleaning will not stop bleeding, seek advice from your dentist.

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