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Three obvious sign that you are dehydrated

It often happens that many do not know they are dehydrated because they do not feel thirsty, but there are obvious signs that point to it.

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Here are three signs that you are dehydrated:


Your body is constantly losing fluid, which means that it is losing the essential and salts thereof, which are responsible for the blood test. The more fluid you lose, the lower your blood pressure falls and causes less oxygen to the brain, resulting in a headache.

Your urine is very yellow

If your urine intensive yellow color, which means that the salt concentration is greater than normal, and that the organism cannot be cleaned well and collecting toxins. If your urine is clear, it means that you enter too much liquid – so stick to the middle.

Do you suffer from constipation?

Water helps to flush the intestines and their efficient cleaning. If the body does not have enough water, food will be very difficult to navigate, and will long linger in the intestines. The result is an unpleasant bloating and constipation.


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