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Exercises for abdominal muscles which are simply wasting your time

One of the most common fitness goals that women has chart is a course that flat stomach so it is not surprising that there are many exercises that we tighten and shape this particular part of the body. But there are also those that we just wasting time. Here’s what they are.

abdominal muscles

Not all exercises for abdominal muscles equally meaningful and working most of them just wasting your time. Here’s what exercises you should not do if you want to flatten tummy.

Basic Crunches: Crunches are the most ordinary to learn even in gym class in elementary school as a waste of time, so they skip. They know very little trigger abdominal muscles.

The exercises on special machines for abs. You must have several times fallen into the temptation to buy one of those special device for shaping crunches that are advertised on TV shop. Our strong recommendation to you is to resist the temptation because crunches on these devices for a staggering 80 percent less effective.

Ups with straight legs. Have you also prayed friend that you sit on your knees as you work your abs to your legs were straight the whole time? It is this exercise is the cause of many injuries in my back, and I do not just shape the abdominal muscles because by no means do not waste time doing that.

Side crunches for weights. Do not bother to practice isolated groups of abdominal muscles. The exercise, which means that you stand in one hand and hold the weight and bend your torso sideways towards weight can cause sprains. It is very important that during the exercise engage all the muscles in the abdomen.

Turning to the side in a sitting position. There are special devices that allow you to perform this exercise and we’ll tell you that they are a waste of money and a waste of time. They do not train your muscles because they encourage completely unnatural movement.

The exercises you should do to form the muscles of the stomach are planking, crunches, “cycling”, planking side, abs lifting your legs while lying down, and hands are at your ass …

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