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Do not forget to stretch!

To avoid violations during exercise is very important that before each exercise good stretch, so there is no risk of injury.

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Here’s how.

Stretch your neck muscles so they will only move his head slightly to the left and right trying to approach the introduction of more shoulder to shoulder with these remain calm. Let’s head to remain in this position for ten seconds.

Shoulder stretch so you will slowly raise your shoulders up toward your ears, hold it two seconds and relax. Repeat four times.

Legs stretch so that the face is turned toward the wall, place your palms on the wall, one leg stretch back to making sure that both feet are flat on the floor. Secondly slowly bend the knee, make sure you keep your back straight and hips parallel to the wall. Hold this position for 20 seconds and change the side.

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Back stretch, so that one leg onto a chair to be straight and slowly lean forward until you feel the stretch in your back. Hold this position for about eight seconds and change the side.

Quadriceps stretch so you stop facing the wall, lift your right leg back and grab the right hand of the article that shows you the right knee to the floor. Drag the leg until you feel the stretch. Note that you do not lean forward or sideways. Repeat with the other leg.

The muscles of the chest stretch by palms together, Interlock your fingers behind your back and slowly lift your hands until you feel the stretch.

The lower part of the back stretch, so that you can sit on a chair and hugging her knees.

Each exercise begins with good stretching and forget about the injury.

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