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Makeup that men can not stand

Red lipstick seems natural to men, popular smoky eyes for them looks as if you wanted to look anything like a panda, and a bright shadows on the eyes reminds of the canary


Makeup is there to help you do look even more beautiful. It should highlight your beauty, not to create a completely new face.

Most women does not control when it comes to makeup, so often overstate applying too much of the same. See what you should avoid when it comes to everyday makeup.

Men have repeatedly voted not to love when the ladies make-up like this:

Overemphasized cheeks – Because too much blush looks like clown.

Red lipstick – Firstly, it don’t look natural, and other men do not like it because then the girls do not kiss!

Eye shadow – colorful eye shadows are really too much, the girl looks like a canary.

Irregular chaos – Over make-up face is drastically different from the door. This kind of a look men can not stand.

Eyes like pandas – Most men said they do not like black eyeliner because it gives them an unnatural look. If you consider a black eye shadow, you get the look like pandas.


Photo by Courtney Rhodes / CC BY

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