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Houseleek keeps the house, but also health

According to local tradition, houseleek protects the house and family from fire, lightning, as well as vampires and witches. Houseleek is a natural remedy for many diseases.


Houseleek is a perennial plant that can grow up to 30 centimeters. As for its survival in nature, it is very well tolerated and low and high temperatures. It is resistant to drought, because the inside of her papers filled water reserves. This plant can grow almost everywhere – between the rocks, the rocks, the different soil types, and some is even grown on the roofs of houses. Also, it is not uncommon to find them houseleek planted on the terrace, potted.

Color leaves of this plant can be green, maroon or purple, and the flowers appear at the top and are usually red in color.

If you are wondering what is it that has medicinal houseleek in content, the answer is malic and fumaric acid. This plant has found its application in traditional medicine and modern research has focused on polysaccharides from juice houseleek, because they are attributed to the activity of the immune system, as well as the treatment of cancerous diseases.

External use

From a number of therapeutic effects which have houseleek, the most famous is that it is a plant that eliminates the excess fat from the ear canal. In addition, the juice from the leaves houseleek is a very good natural remedy for diseases and injuries of the skin, sores, cuts and burns. Also, medicinal juice of this plant has long been used years ago to remove warts. Before and warts , and sunshine pit .


Halve few leaves houseleek and squeeze two or three drops of juice in the painful ear. Allow the liquid acts for several minutes, and then twisted his head while the juice is drained from the oral cavity.

Internal use

If the leaves houseleek combined with honey, then it is very useful and helpful in inflammations of the mouth. The juice of this plant is very good diuretic, and has a laxative effect. The houseleek are used in cases of tension, nervousness and fear.

To strengthen the body

Leaves houseleek grind in food processor, and then it is too slow in a plastic bowl and Mix them with honey. Mixture well unite a wooden or plastic spoon. Then, in a larger pot pour the batter and close the jar. Do not make light emanating, the whole pot pan with aluminum foil. Leave the jar to stand for five days in the refrigerator.

From the sixth day, on an empty stomach take on two plastic teaspoons of mixture and the next twenty minutes, do not eat anything, but drink a little water.


Photo by stephen boisvert/ CC BY

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