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Prepare the body for winter

The coldest time slowly but surely is knocking on the door. The days are getting shorter and the temperatures lower and lower. In order to properly prepare and strengthen the body for the upcoming winter listen to some of our most important tips.

zinc winter

When there is a change of seasons you should certainly adjust your body with a new diet and activities that make it easier to adapt, especially when it comes to winter. Only a few small changes is sufficient that this winter remain in forbi without colds and flu.


One of the biggest problems during the winter are frequent colds, a healthy and strong immune system will greatly reduce the chance of a cold.
In addition to vitamin C, which greatly helps us to stay healthy, there is a mineral that will also help it to, and it is zinc white blood cells used in order to defend the body against dangerous pathogens that cause disease. When men develop a zinc deficiency more common than in women and is therefore more necessary to reinforce them a dose of this mineral in the winter.

Zinc rich are seafood, especially shrimp and crabs, and vegetarians and vegans your dose of zinc should solicit the pumpkin seeds.

Empower hoses

Recent research has shown a strong link between the immune system and intestinal flora or beneficial bacteria that live in our intestines. The same research shows that bacteria from the gut in some way to communicate with the rest of the immune system. To simplify, bacteria from the digestive tract may affect what white blood cells working in the toes, for example.

Although the stores can find a plethora of products, especially yogurt enriched with probiotics they are not the best option because they are usually rich and sugars and therefore prefer to dial sauerkraut.

Another way to provide yourself healthy bacteria is to consume foods rich in probiotics, and they were rich foods such as leeks, onions and garlic, potatoes and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin D

One of the common problems that people face in winter is the lack of vitamin D which is the primary source of sunlight. When the days become cold and bleak we tend to absence of this vitamin.

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients necessary to our body because it helps the assimilation of calcium and lack of it can cause some problems.

In addition to sunlight, vitamin D can also enter through certain foods. First on the list is whole milk, closely follow it hard cheeses. In addition to dairy products Vitamin D is hidden in fish such as salmon, cod and herring.

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