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Electric hair – a solution for the winter issue

The hair in winter is more exposed to damage, under the caps is because sometimes uncontrollably charged. And for this problem there is a solution.


The combination of cold and hot air-dried and the shut-premises pulls moisture from it. There are a few tricks to avoid electrifying and to keep your hair in winter.


In the winter, reduce ironing, blow drying hair under a strong and hot jet dryer. Also, be sure not to crush difficult to comb and do not tear the rubber bands. If is damaged cracked mandatory Clip the peaks or the electrifying be increased. Hairdressers ask that you put a mask for hair recovery. In the stated period using some products containing silicones.

From hairstyles dial braids, loose chignons, hair bands and hair styles and combinations with earmuff. It is important that you do not touch your hair often to restrain her (but not too firmly).


charged kosaKoristite conditioner after shampooing, but keep at it and do not apply to the topics, but mostly on the peaks and along the hair. You can apply on hair and a bit of moisturizer or oil to calm naeleketrisanost. Just rub them in their hands, so go lightly over the clumps.

Treatment with hot oils

Winter is mandatory. You can easily take a little olive oil, apply it to dry hair, wrap a warm towel and leave on for half an hour. Then wash your hair as usual. Oil and add in your balm. Let this winter be an obligation if the problem is electric hair. When you put the leave on for 15 minutes and then wash.

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