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Snoring and apnea damages the brain

Cognitive ability is an essential part of aging.


Problems with breathing during sleep, such as snoring or apnea may be associated with premature emergence of problems with memory and cognitive decline, reveals that research, whose results were published in the journal neurology.

The study included 2470 people aged 55-90 years. Scientists have divided them into three groups – those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, those who suffer from mild cognitive problems and those who have no problems with cognitive abilities.

An abnormal breathing during sleep is common in the elderly. Experts estimate that sleep problems are present in about 52% of elderly men and 26% of older women. It also estimated that around 50% of people who suffer from severe snoring, suffering from sleep apnea.

Researchers in the study wanted to check whether sleep problems associated with cognitive impairment, which is an essential part of aging. In addition to checking the presence of breathing problems, the researchers also checked whether participants receiving any treatment for these problems.

The participants, who had breathing problems, are at a much earlier age began to feel the first signs of mild cognitive difficulties. The average age when they begin to emerge cognitive difficulties is 70 years in people who have breathing problems, compared to people who do not have breathing problems. Specifically, among them the average age when they begin to emerge cognitive difficulties was 90 years old.

Scientists have also found that people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, a significant percentage suffer from breathing problems during sleep.

The risk of cognitive disorders was lower in patients who received therapy for the purpose of removing breathing problems during sleep. With them were the first signs of cognitive impairment began to appear even 10 years later.

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