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Nordic diet – Lose weight, and don’t ruin the health

The Nordic diet has become a hit among celebrities. Studies have shown that with the Vikings menu you can lose a lot of weight, lower pressure and be healthier.

Nordic diet - salmon

Those who are in the research ate local Danish food removed three times more weight than those who ate meatballs, pizza and spaghetti.

Denmark diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as a lot of fish, and a little other meat.

The most important thing is to eat seasonal food, so the baked cod with celery is perfect for dinner in the spring, while the fried pike with cabbage suitable dinner in the summer.

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen inspiration for the Nordic diet found in the “Nomi”, a local restaurant that over the last 10 years encouraging people to eat seasonal, local food.

The study involved 180 obese people. They were divided into two groups during the six months they ate what they were told. All participants were told to eat until they feel that they are fed up, to look at the serving size and do not count calories.

“Denmark Diet” kept 68 people, while another 112 kept the new “Nordic diet”. Those who held the “Nordic diet” get a book with 180 recipes from the three plans the menu for each season, while those in the “Danish diet” get a book with 99 recipes without menu – after seasonal variations were not significant.

After six months it showed that those who ate the “Nordic” lose weight an average of 10 pounds, while those who ate the “Danish” lose weight 3 pounds.

In addition, “Nordic Nutrition” was the better, and the blood pressure.

This diet can be applied anywhere in the world. Herbs, berries, mushrooms, seaweed, whole grains, cabbage, vegetables and potatoes are available to everyone. Larger quantities of fish in the diet reduces the amount of meat.

The main trick is that you are eating seasonal and fresh ingredients to avoid canned stuff with saturated fats and too much sugar.


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