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Dry surfing for strength and balance of the body

Latest world hit in the gym is the surf simulator designed to simulate surfing training. Surfs approach is inspired by one of the world’s greatest sports. By imitating the movements of real surfing, were created exercises that build balance, strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, muscle strength and coordination.

surfing exercise

The program includes physical movements of sport and adventurous spirit of surfing in comprehensive exercises that combine both fat loss, building muscle mass and develop balance.

Surfs is not traditionally static training and causes the body to move in new ways. Each exercise on board is designed to be engaged core muscles and stabilizers. Starting from the actual movements in surfing, we developed exercises that build balance, strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, muscle strength and coordination. Training is ideal for optimal fat burning, muscle strength and improve balance.

Surfs is prop designed for the development of the so-called proprioception, which helps us better manage the body, accelerate reflexes, prevent injury and damage to joints and tendons, improve the dynamic properties of the joints.

During exercise the muscles of the props are perfectly symmetrical, strengthen the muscles of the lower back, improves the strength of the arms, particularly the triceps, chest muscles are engaged. Just standing on an unstable surface increases leg strength, flexibility, and engage all postural muscles.

We do not isolate muscle groups or split classes in cardio, strength training and balance segments, we shall consolidate the exercises that we have drawn from the actual movement of surfing in order to create workouts that build balance, strength, agility, stamina, coordination and stabilization.

Training is based on a balance, ie. maintaining balance. Exercises for development of proprioception are energy unpretentious and fun. Proprioception is done at the beginning Surfs training. The exercises are performed at least three sets of 20 to 60 seconds. Proprioception training is performed at least three times a week.

So the exercise can be effective you should set difficult tasks: from slow to faster performance, from simple to complex.

Strengthening the muscles

Surfing “to dry” works on multiple body segments:

Power center of the body: Surfs will convert the abdominal muscles in the right machine through instability in training that requires control.

Melting Fat: Training of high-intensity aerobic training on board will burn body fat and speed up calorie consumption.

Elongation muscle: As surfers have long and elongated body, so you can mimic the movements that they work for a short time for defining and elongating the muscles.

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