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How to prevent the occurrence of kidney stones

Did you know that one in ten people over a lifetime has kidney stones? The latest research shows that this is a medical problem in recent years increased slightly and that is why we want to advise you what to do to prevent it.

Kidney Stone

Kidney stones can be very painful, and those who have experienced the pain say that these are the only pain that can be measured with childbirth. In this case, prevention is very important and therefore carefully read what to do to prevent the occurrence of kidney stones.

Do not underestimate sweating. Sauna, yoga classes and intensive training can be very good for your health but can cause kidney stones. Experts explain this to excess fluid that we lose through sweating leads to a lack of urine production. The more you sweat less you urinate, which can lead to stone formation in the kidneys and urinary tract. This does not mean that you should stop these activities, rather than during exercise or stay in the sauna drink as much water.

Oxalates. This is a substance that is found in many natural foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, cereals and even chocolate and tea. Moderate consumption of these foods can be beneficial to people who have stones in the kidney. Thinking that you will discharge these foods completely prevent the development of stones. During the meal eat foods rich in oxalate together with foods that are rich in calcium, in this case, is likely to bind to calcium oxalates and the smaller the chance of urinary stone formation.

Calcium is not your enemy. It is not necessary to waive foods rich in calcium, all you have to do is to reduce your intake of sodium and as we have already noted, foods rich in calcium, combine with foods that are rich in oxalate.

Scale is usually returned. As we said at the beginning, many eject stones described as one of the most painful experiences, but unfortunately it can be repeated several times in a lifetime. Studies have shown that having only one calculus greatly increases the chance of creating a new one. It is important that after the ejection of the first calculus strictly follow the advice of doctors, taking medication regularly and follow the recommended diet.

Pay attention to the food. Many studies have shown that citrus fruit brings a multitude of benefits for kidney patients, and therefore free to enjoy lemonade, but possibly that of sugar, because sugar is not good for your kidneys. It is believed that citrate in the urine to prevent the binding of calcium with other substances, a process that leads to the formation of stones. On the other hand there have been reports that the citrate prevents crystals that are already present due to binding of each other to increase and cause problems.

Not all stones are equal. In addition to the stones of calcium oxalate, another very common type of stone they are made of uric acid. Red meat and seafood have a high concentration of chemical compounds known as purines. Increased intake of this compound leads to greater production of uric acid, which creates a larger burden on the kidneys. The expulsion of uric acid affects the pH value of urine, which means that it becomes more acidic. The more acid in the urine, the greater the chances of stone formation. To prevent these types of stones. Change intake of foods containing purine, such as red meat and seafood, and focus on healthy foods (vegetables, fruits, cereals) from organic farming if you are able.

It is very important that the minimum intake of sugar, and foods that contain corn syrup fructose should be completely eliminated. Alcohol is also not desirable because it increases the level of uric acid in the blood, and should be avoided and restrictive diets for the same reason. Reduce your intake of animal protein, and increase the intake of those plant-based because it can reduce the acidity of urine, and also reduce the risk of stone formation.

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