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Exercise is mandatory before skiing

Snow, nature, mountain air, mulled wine or a winter sports are the reasons why so many people go to famous ski resorts. If this winter you are planning a vacation in one of the ski slopes or simply use every free weekend to escape to the mountain to enjoy this type of activity it is important that before and after skiing doing certain exercises to prepare your body. These exercises will help transform skiing into a real pleasure.

skiing and exercise

To go skiing it is necessary to prepare exercises that activate the same muscles as well as movement on skis or exercises to strengthen the muscles of legs and buttocks but it is necessary to practice and stabilize joints. These midfielder will help to prevent muscle frightened, and possible injury or fear of falling. To increase the stability of the body, it would be well to further strengthen the abdominal muscles.

What exercises are best?

Very good preparation for skiing is skiing, biking, boating and going to the gym, because it is important to reinforce the aerobic capacity of the organism.

Of course, it would be ideal if the -practiced throughout the year, but if you have not been active take less than a month and prepare your body. If you decide to practice at home, some good array of midfield that can make simple and easy that will prepare your body.

How long should I exercise?

Exercise is desirable to perform at least three weeks before leaving for the winter, at least 3 times a day. It is useful to repeat the same set every day before going out into the snow to warm up the muscles. Exercises are performed 2-4 sets of 10 reps, easy pace.

In addition to exercises that will strengthen muscles, it is very important to work and stretching exercises because they will just prepare the muscles for the impending physical effort. All of these activities will reduce the risk of injury in a skiing and protect muscles that do not break at the fall. So, do not go on skiing like that, but well prepared body.

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