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Can you control what you dream

We have all at least once in a lifetime dream bad dreams after that we woke up in a sweat delighted that it is only a dream. And, have you ever wondered whether it is possible to control what you dream? Today we talk about lucid dreaming.

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Lucid dreams occur when you sleep, you wrote aware that you are dreaming. When you come in that state in this case can completely affect it in any direction will go your dream. In this case, you can do anything you want, you can fly, you can go back to childhood, to be on the sea and it is certainly one of the best experiences of my life. If you think that’s impossible, believe us you are not alone, but lucid dreaming has acquired quite a lot of fans since the sixties when his researchers for the first time devoted.

If you may not bring a quality vacation lucid dream can be useful in a variety of other ways. Lucid with these you can figure out how to really feel about some of the problems, to what exactly should work with anything in life you need to be careful. The moment you become aware that you are dreaming you are actually talking to your subconscious.

Precious words of lucid dreams are like a visit to a therapist who will help you solve some of your problems that you were not aware that hinder you in life.

How to achieve lucid dreams?

Let you be comfortable with your ordinary dreams. During an average night, the man usually goes through five dreams, but experts advise to keep a diary of what you dream. The more you write down, it will be more reminisce and thus train the brain that you need to remember dreams.

Fool yourself with lucid dreams. One of the ways that will help you to experience lucid dream is to set a timer to ring 20-30 minutes earlier than you need to get up. Wake up and get some sleep quiet for another half hour. Since in this state will not reach the deepest REM phase, you will easily be able to control dreams.

Relax. You can use some relaxation techniques that will help you to experience a lucid dream. You bedtime drink a cup of chamomile tea or valerian that is certainly still a better option and that is used for centuries in holistic.

If you immediately fail to experience a lucid dream, you do not need to worry, it is important to practice and to try.

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