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Can probiotics beat acne?

The digestion is impacted by stress, anxiety, diet and frequency of exercise.

probiotics and digestion

The digestion is impacted by stress, anxiety, diet and frequency of exercise. When the balance is disrupted the work of the digestive system, there is an inflammation in the body.

Inflammatory processes in the body can cause acne and pimples, from which we can conclude that digestion significantly affect your complexion.

Previous studies have shown that probiotics can alleviate pimples and acne, but results were not sufficiently supported by the facts.

In a new study US researchers have studied how probiotics act on acne when applied directly to the skin, but not until it is consumed.

Participants were divided into two groups. One group is in a period of 8 weeks of applying the cream enriched with probiotics every day on the face and neck, and the other group a placebo, transmitted Prevention.

The results show that the probiotics reduce acne and pimples to as much as 89%, while the placebo decreased acne and pimples to 50%.

Scientists point out that it is not necessary to buy creams that are enriched with probiotics, it is sufficient to apply on skin foods rich in probiotics. The best sources are yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut.


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