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Pomegranate promotes weight loss?

Scientists in Scotland have found that daily consumption of pomegranate may regulate the release of hormones for hunger and reduce appetite, and at the same time inspire a feeling of fullness.

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For the study, scientists have produced a supplement pomegranate. The study included 29 people, and scientists were divided into 2 groups. One group took a daily supplement bar that is produced from the bark of the pomegranate seeds.

After 3 weeks, the group that took supplements, on average, eating as much as 22% less compared to participants who did not take supplements.

Supplement is pomegranate 12% of participants decreased hunger, with 21% of them reduced the desire for food, 16% of them were long before felt fuller and 15% of them is reported to feel more satisfied.

Scientists plan to continue research to determine which components of the supplement appeared to decrease appetite. Believe that these are polyphenols, which are found to reduce appetite.

Lead researcher Dr Emad Al-Dujaili said that “scientists have proven that pomegranate contains antioxidants that reduce the level of free radicals in the body more efficiently than red wine or green tea.”

Pomegranate juice may regulate the level of blood pressure and prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes scientists, point out that the intake of fruits and vegetables is extremely important for maintaining health and reducing the risk of obesity.


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