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7 erroneous ways of combing hair

Maybe you tried with a variety of shampoos and packages because of problems with hair, but have you thought that maybe only mistake in the way combing hair?

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From root to end

This is completely wrong because so pull the hair out of the follicle, is tearing. Place the comb a few centimeters from the end of the hair and go to brush your hair, as if you brush layer by layer.

Combing wet hair

Hair is more difficult to comb when it is completely wet. Leave it to dry a little and then start with combing.

Short square brush

Short square brush with spines is not the prettiest, if you want to untangle the hair. For this purpose, the better the comb with rare toothead, but before combing the hair, apply spray for thin hair, lotion if the hair is medium thickness or cream for thick hair.

Too long combing

Forget the old movies where Hollywood stars sitting in front of the mirror and comb hair long count of 100. Too combing can lead to hair breakage. Pay more attention to the quality of the brush or comb.

Wrong brush

Maybe you’re wrong, and in the choice of brushes. Brushes with natural bristles much gentler effect on hair care brushes with synthetic spines. Natural brushes better distribute the natural oils in your hair.

Dirty brushes

As it is necessary to periodically wash makeup brushes, so it is necessary to wash and comb and brush. When you wash your brush, first remove the hair with it and then put it under hot water. You can use shampoo or soap. When is a good rinse, put it in a towel to dry.

Static electricity

Often brushing hair can lead to a buildup of static electricity. Therefore, it is necessary that before combing the hair squirt water. Or you can put a little hair oil on your fingers and pass them through the hair.

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