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The worst possible things you can eat for breakfast

Although the breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day, and experts recommend that shouldn’t be skipped, however, take into account what will be consumed. Specifically, healthy morning meals to reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer.



Processed meats contain nitrates, which are associated with colon cancer. From the Institute for Cancer Research says that there is the risk of colon cancer can be reduced if you reduce the intake of nitrates in the body.

Cereals with sugar

After they eat, blood sugar soaring, and then suddenly falling. This can lead to the body runs out of energy at the very beginning of the day.

Pancakes with artificial toppings

High levels of fructose in such toppings leads to obesity, and that is the fat that increases the risk of cancer.

Toast, donut or bagel

Most of these products are made ​​from white flour with added sugar. After eating some of these products, hunger will soon come back again because there is a risk of obesity and diabetes.

Diet yogurt

It contains fewer calories, but contains artificial sweeteners and chemicals.


Rich in calories, and are made from white flour, butter, oil and sugar.

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