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How to prepare your skin for the beach?

It’s summer. Enjoy the beach and you need to prepare your skin from UV rays by internal protection (water, nutrients) and external protection (sunscreen).

Most people have their own method of preparing the skin for the sun, but unfortunately some still do not pay enough attention to the potential danger that tanning can cause.

applying sunscreen

Every year ultraviolet radiation is getting stronger, and thus become increasingly more difficult way to preserve our skin.

If you want to get a bronze tan, but without further consequence, we bring you some tips. Always protect your skin from the inside and the outside.

The inner skin protection include:

Drink more fluids

Before going to sea, and on the beach you need to drink plenty of fluids. Always under this concept involves drinking alcoholic beverages, especially plain water or unsweetened lemonade example. The skin should always hold water in the deeper cells, and not just on the surface to be at certain moments can revitalize skin and look fresher. It’s always been the rule, if the body has a more fluid, ie water, the skin looks younger, well-moisturized skin dries slower than the non-hydrated skin.

Eat more seasonal foods

Summer is also have a large selection of fruits and vegetables and seasonal. Always choose fresh foods, not processed because fresh food has more nutritional very important nutrients.

There are foods that can protect us from harmful UV rays. Just by eating food that contains antioxidants can protect the skin from free radicals that are produced due to the action of sunlight responsible for cell damage, aging and increased risk of skin cancer. Antioxidants have the ability to bind free radicals and stop them from their harmful effects.

The most important are safe for the skin vitamins A, C, E, phytochemicals-flavonoids, polyphenols, anthocyanins, and the super beta carotene so often The recommended as preparation for sunbathing.

What is best to eat:

-Eat as many fruits (apricots, peaches, nectarines, watermelon, cantaloupe, plums, cherries, figs, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries) and vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, sweet potatoes carrots, spinach)

-From meat is recommended the white meat, which may be part of some kind of pasta, sauces … Frankly summer is not summer without a barbecue, moderation is recommended that delicious bite eg pork kebabs, Kotel, chicken breast, but be sure to eat the meat with a summer salad (tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers) by seasoning with olive oil

-Fish eat any type, because fish is an important part of a balanced diet as the main source of beneficial omega – 3 fatty acids and nutrients such as vitamin D and selenium. Fish is high in protein, but unlike meat, low in undesirable saturated fatty acids.

What is best to avoid:

-Be sure to avoid alcoholic beverages, oily, strong and spicy foods that will, with hot days even more complicated durability of the body.

Outer skin protection includes:

On the market there are a very large selection of resources for sunbathing, as well as different types of protective factors.

Choose a protective factor depending on skin type. For lighter skin recommended minimum SPF 30th for weathered and less sensitive skin can use an SPF of 20, and the darkening of the skin is enough SPF 15th.

Proper application:

Whether you use milk, lotion or oil for tanning, it is very important to its proper application. Put it on all parts of your body, and thereby do not forget the sensitive parts of the face (the area around the hair, ears, neck). No matter what the product says it is waterproof, after each bath, be sure to apply a new layer of protection because the active ingredients begin to break down when exposed to sunlight.


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