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You are convinced that cooking healthy, but do not lose weight? Here’s what you’re doing wrong!

If you want to maintain your ideal weight or working on how to resize it, then cooking at home is the best idea, to have full control of what you eat.

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You have not eaten at restaurants for a very, very long and hard at home saving your meals, but weight is still the same numbers?

Look at some of the common mistakes that people make when cooking and you would certainly find the cause of why you’re still at the same weight.

Error number 1 – Too much oil

Olive oil is definitely the good kind of fat, but it certainly did not know that just one tablespoon of oil you can get 125 calories. This might not sound like much, but if that does not pay attention you can easily happen to use as much as four times that amount. This is especially complicated situation when it comes to vegetables, because it has a tendency to absorb oil. What to do? Instead of vegetables simmered in oil, rather cook it first, and then it ‘season’ with a little oil.

Error No. 2 – over-sized portions

We all know how important the assessment portions of food that you put in yourself, but it often happens that at the end of a long working day, no longer has the will nor the time to weigh every food that is placed in a dish. ‘The hungry eyes’ can be in your healthy meal add hundreds of hidden calories. How do you prevent this from happening, take your time and thoroughly read how one should look decent (not too big) and a healthy serving of the food you definitely are fish and cereals.

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Error No. 3 – Rob prescription

If you have lost confidence in their cooking skills, this could lead to strictly keep cooking by recipe. But if you blindly holding the list of ingredients of the recipe, you could lose the ability to serve the occasional healthy trick.

For example, if the recipe says to use a cup of cream, instead you could try to make a mix with mashed avocado or even Greek yogurt. This simple replacement will reduce the intake of extra calories and fat without losing the desired taste dishes and its texture.

Error code 4 – Snacking during cooking

Resist the urge to every moment you try what you cook, it may seem impossible, especially if you’re hungry. Although a little nibble on the side never killed anyone, a slice of avocado and a handful of nuts here and there, it could disrupt appetites. To avoid this, try the cooking time to chew gum or drink a glass of mineral water. Still listening to? Then it’s time for radical action: for every snack that you take sides, you put less on your plate.

Error code 5 – Leaving residues for later

Dinner was delicious, you eat and you are aware that you should be happy and satisfied. That is, until you grasp washing dishes and pasta in a pot on the stove starts to shout and lure you and feel that you could have a little snack. This challenge will put an end to it as soon get rid of the remains (just throw them away). In this case turned out to be true the old proverb: out of sight, out of mind, in this case the stomach.


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