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The diet of Diet: Lose weight quickly and safely

Have you heard about the 40:30:30 formula? Hollywood stars are because thanks to her lost weight, and comes from Dr. Barry Sears, the king diet. He argues that every meal should contain 40% carbohydrates and 30% fat, and protein.

rule 40 30 30

The Zone Diet, created by the Barry Sears, American biochemist, promotes healthy diet that has helped many Hollywood stars to lose weight. Some of them are actresses Demi Moore and Sandra Bullock, a diet based on the 40:30:30 rule. This means that each meal, according to Dr. Sears, should contain 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent fat and 30 percent protein.
He argues that the zone condition in which the blood sugar levels stable and balanced hormones. According Shirshov opinion, start putting on the weight as soon as exits zone because excess carbohydrates in the diet leads to increased levels of insulin in the blood, which in turn causes hunger and forces us to constantly eat something. This creates layers of fat on my stomach and thighs, so Sears advises that it is important to limit the intake of carbohydrates responsible for glycemia (blood sugar levels). Preferred carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, and should limit your intake of potatoes, rice and bread. Create such a menu to have five meals a day, three major and two snacks. Many stars who have been on this diet claims that are not only lost weight, but they also felt much better, and Sears claims that this diet is an excellent prevention of heart disease and diabetes.

Eat almonds and olives

Forget the full-fat yogurt or cottage cheese. It is preferable to eat foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, such as almonds, avocados, olives, olive oil and other oils for a healthy heart. Sears claims that if you take in fats with carbohydrates, will the balance of insulin in the blood and will encourage the body to burn fat already accumulated.

Now it’s beans and lentils

The best sources of protein are chicken without skin, nonfat milk, yogurt, sour cream with low-fat, lentils, beans and soy. According to the rules of the Zone diet, most people’s daily needs at least 55 grams of protein, but it all depends on your body weight and age.

Use barley bread

Fruits and vegetables are much better sources of carbohydrates from bread, pasta and potatoes, and while they contain more fiber, vitamins and minerals and less caloric. Instead of white bread, eat the meal of barley, which is also rich in carbohydrates, and is much healthier.

Mirjana Buttercup, nutritionists


Diet is set on a good foundation because it is rich in fruits and vegetables. Also, it is good that they are represented in the diet of salads, which are in fact important vitamin food for large volume and small in calories. They have a diuretic effect and helps purify the blood, which is particularly important for the liver and intestine. The distance between the meals should be at least three hours.


The fruit can not be eaten at lunch, and certainly not dinner and need to eat between meals. In addition to poultry, chicken and turkey, and fish, which emphasizes the diet, the diet should include other types of meat, like a horse. The big disadvantage of such diets is that it requires knowledge of nutrition on proper combination of foods in the diet, which in my opinion makes it a bit complicated compared to other children.

The menu for the day

cup low-fat yogurt, 100 g kiwi, 2 slices of Parmesan cheese
20 g Parmesan cheese and 2 crackers
120g Grilled sole, 300 g of lettuce and tomatoes with olive oil and 150 g pineapple
20 g of the integral of toast with turkey 30 g peanut, and 20 g
100 g chicken fillet, head radicchio flavored tablespoons of olive oil and 120 g of grapes


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