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Why you should stop consuming diet drinks?

You have decided to lose weight and you replace sodas with diet fizzy drinks. Are you sure that you make the right decision?

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Diet drinks seem like a healthy choice for a better diet. Contain up to 140 calories less than the classic drinks and will satisfy your need for sweets.

Unfortunately, it is one of the traps created by manufacturers. Of course, diet products contain significantly fewer calories, but sugar and natural ingredients have been replaced by synthetic which are very dangerous for human health.

Diet drinks contain aspartame, saccharin and sucralose. These are all ingredients that cause serious disorders. Degradation of aspartame in the body, releasing toxic compounds, and studies have shown that aspartame induces brain tumor. Saccharin is also an artificial sweetener such as aspartame and sucralose.

Artificial sweeteners have a more intense taste of real sugar and cause a mess. Structure of them is different from the real sugar, but since it’s the same flavor, the body releases insulin. However, the disorder occurs because the body releases insulin to the breakdown of sugars and extracted quantity is not needed just for the breakdown of sugars and artificial sweeteners. Excess insulin eventually causes weight gain because stimulate the body to contain more fat.

Therefore, diet drinks will help you to reduce weight, but it will help. The increase in body weight was even 70 percent.

While you are drinking diet drinks, you believe that you may have some more pizza or other foods and thus additional load to the body. Diet drinks can also cause diabetes, increased blood pressure, blood fat. In fact, the ideal beverage to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Do you want to ruin your teeth, diet drinks are ideal foods. Citric acid is present in these beverages, destroys tooth enamel over time. Here we are not talking about the citric acid derived from lemon that has grown into spinning, but of citric acid, which is produced synthetically.

Individuals who consume alcohol should not recommend to consume alcohol together and dietetic products. Artificial sweeteners are rapidly adsorbed into the blood and mixing alcohol and dietary drinks more alcohol remains in the blood.

Also, osteoporosis is sampled excessive consumption of these beverages. Artificial sweeteners help prevent weak bones because proper storage of vitamin D and calcium for which you already know that they are extremely important for bone strength.

Do you have a great need for sweets, rather drink fizzy drinks than normal diet. Seriously you will endanger your health. Food ensure proper functioning of all organs, thus insert in your diet clean water because it is the safest and did not need any additional studies that will confirm its benefits, unlike other drinks.

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