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5 summer drinks for slimmer waist: Drink them without compunction!

In the short term reduce the waistlines taking care of what you drink, a cold green tea is just one of the healthy choices

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Sweetened carbonated soft drinks and beer does not make your stomach a favor, but there are summer drinks that you can drink without compunction, and even help your lines.

1. Water flavored

Water is the best choice, but if you can not drink enough plain water, choose water with citrus flavor. However, read the labels and choose low-calorie water, and not one that is sweetened. It would be best to squeeze themselves into the water a little lemon, without sweetening.

2. Smoothie watermelon or melon

As long as you do not add sugar to it, this delicious drink you can drink without worrying about the amount. Not only will you hydrated, but is also full of nutrients, and contains proven ingredients that help fight fat. Cantaloupe and watermelon are summer fruit unless it helps to satisfy the thirst and reduce waist, and helps your body to protect you from the sun. Preparation is very simple. Cut the edible part of watermelon and place in a juicer or blender.

3. Fresh grapefruit juice

Grapefruit juice will help your line, but only provided that yourself keep sweating juice, dilute it with water, so drink without adding sugar.

4. Cold green tea

Green tea stimulates your metabolism and reduces fat. Regular consumption of green tea can help you lose fat on your stomach, of course, provided that it is not sweetened.

5. Iced mint tea

Bloating and indigestion apart fatty deposits often cause large belly. Mint (mint) is a known cure for flatulence, and will help in the short term significantly reduce the volume of the stomach. For better taste, add a little lemon and avoid sugar, because sugar causes bloating, and in this case tea will not have any effect.

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