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Avoiding dinner – is there any point?

Does it make sense to avoid the dinner to lose the excess pounds? Learn with us, read the facts below…

The old Chinese wisdom says: “Dinner surrender to the enemy.” Experts who diet frequently advise that two or three times a week to avoid dinner. So, nothing to eat after 16 hours, only drink water and tea.

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The question is: Does it make sense – avoiding your dinner?

Experts claim that there are positive effect on the body. Kilograms quickly disappear, and the body feels better. Your organs during fasting feel very good because they are recovering. Burning fat is in full operation, and growth hormone breaks down fat and restores muscles. During fasting, growth hormone has more time for his actions. The body produces more melatonin. It is a hormone that helps our cells regenerate during sleep, which slows down aging. Is released and the digestive coenzyme which prevents cancer.

Avoiding dinner or not eating any food after 16 hours, to that between 0 and 1 hour, overnight growth hormone lowers blood sugar levels. Also, the growth hormone controls lipolysis, or burn fat and release fat molecules.

Fatty tissue deposits is responsive to hormones and only creates them. The person with the proper amount of hormones easier skinny. Hormonal disorders, and therefore there is a disturbance of body weight.

You need to consider that the fatty tissue under the protection of insulin. Fats can not decompose as long as there is blood insulin. Two hours after eating fat digestion is stopped, especially if you eat foods that contain large amounts of sugar.

Therefore, whether it makes sense – avoiding dinner? Certainly it makes sense. Post allows our body to recover. We conclude that the most important role in our lives have hormones that we will avoid the dinner and how to be grateful.


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