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Positive thinking – effectively against stress

Optimism and pessimism are states of mind that not only affect mood, but also the complete health. Optimism leads to positive thinking that it is important to calm the stress we are exposed to daily. If you are very pessimistic, do not despair, because positive thinking can be learned. Here is how.

Positive thinking is not escapism, sticking your head in the sand when things go bad. Positive thinking is an approach to life situations, both good and bad, of access to productive way.

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Why is it so hard to be optimistic?

Positive thinking is happening on a subconscious level, we are aware only of its parts. Of thought without beginning and end, changes all the time and we have no control. From time to time, it come to the surface and then we are aware of it.

One thinks that we are not aware of that few of which we are aware of how we are determined to tread through life, as optimists or pessimists.

You will discover a technique which can affect the flow of thoughts that will be presented whenever you benefits that positive thinking brings, which are confirmed by research:

  • better concentration and creativity
  • enhance your social situations
  • less tendency to addiction to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and stuff
  • extended service life and longer preserving a youthful appearance
  • lower incidence of depression and anxiety
  • stronger immunity
  • positive effect on the cardiovascular system

Want to do something for yourself, do not change your hair or buy a new shirt, a change of thought, it is much more valuable.

Positive thinking in three steps:

  • identifying negative thoughts
  • replacing negative thoughts as positive
  • daily application of the first two steps

1. Identify the negative thoughts

If you are not sure whether you have a tendency towards negative thoughts going on, you can check whether you are one of these scenarios:

  • magnification of negative details of an event, and thereby neglect the positive-eg. You had a great day at work. However, you forgot one little thing. When you get home just thinking about the little things are overlooked and completely forget about all the good you’ve done.
  • exaggerate, expect the worst scenario-eg. morning to go take a shower and no hot water. You think, if this is the day it will surely wrong to continue.
  • assume guilt on yourself-eg. You close with someone and that person is in a bad mood, angry. You automatically assume that you are guilty as angry, although the reason may not have to do with you.
  • look at the world black / white- eg. For you, everything is either good or bad, you do not know the environment. Think you are good only when you are perfect. You suffer because they can not become perfect.

2. Replace negative thoughts as positive

The process of influencing our own thoughts is simple, but requires a lot of time to adopt. When you have the habit of negative thinking, it is necessary to get rid of these habits and create a whole new habit of positive thinking. Here are some methods on how you can do it.

  • check– thoughts every now and remember to check what you’re thinking, you’re doing it all day. If you experience negative thoughts try to find something positive in the situation that you are thinking and change course in a positive direction
  • laugh– it is sometimes easier said than done, but laughter is the cure. Humor encourages optimism. Humorous books, series, jokes are welcome.
  • healthy– living optimism encourages healthy habits and vice versa, healthy habits can boost optimism
  • surround yourself with serenity-smiling people around you will help you feel better. Warm colors in your room and fine fragrances will encourage positive thinking.
  • talk to yourself positively-start by following this simple rule-do not say anything about yourself that you would not say to someone else-for example. you’re fat, etc.. Be gentle with yourself. If you notice a negative thought to accept it and respond to it with something positive.
  • meditate- the main goal of meditation awakening of consciousness. With meditation, you will quickly find out when your subconscious cooks ‘pessimistic’ porridge and then react. Small note: The author of this article solves all your problems through meditation and it is included on this list.

3. Think positive, every day
We have already said that the mindset long habit created and can not be easily changed. Therefore, the most important quality that you can arm-patience. If you apply these exercises and be patient over time you will notice that you become less self-critical, and more satisfied with their lives.

Here are a few examples of how you can turn a negative thought to a positive side:

  • This has never worked 🙁 > It’s an opportunity to try something new 🙂
  • This is too complicated 🙁 > I look forward to the new challenge. 🙂
  • There’s no way this will work. 🙁 > At least I’ll have fun 🙂
  • No one notices. 🙁 > Luckily, I have more time for yourself 🙂


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