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Replace any exercise with fast walking

There are many reasons to move to the fast pace and replace it with other exercises like fast walking. It melts the pounds, tightens the whole body and increases energy.

fast walking

You do not need a gym membership – only proper walking – effectively. All you need to do is to correct your gait, speed up and extend the track. Your body will thank you – melt the pounds and get a wonderful figure.

Why is it good?

Some studies have shown that people who practiced fast walking every day 30 to 60 minutes are fast losing weight while not changing their habits, even when it comes to food.

If you choose to brisk walking (at least 4 hours per week), the less you may gain weight when you enter the old year. In addition, the less you will be ill, circulation will be better, and some studies have shown that with rapid walking you reduce the likelihood of depression.

How and how much?

Experts recommend 10,000 steps a day (about 8 kilometers), while most people make only 4500 steps. To lose weight, you should switch to 16,000 steps a day.

Of course, this does not have to move suddenly. All you have to do is calculated. Increase time spent walking for 5 minutes every two weeks, and accelerating the intensity walking. In just 3 months results should speak for themselves.

Here are some guidelines:


From Monday to Saturday: 10 minute walk at a moderate pace
Sunday: Walk slowly for 20 minutes

Medium active:

Monday: break, pause
From Tuesday to Friday: Walk 25 minutes a day at a moderate pace, and every other 30 minutes.
Saturday: fast walking 20 minutes
Sunday: Walk 45 minutes at a moderate pace


Monday: break
From Tuesday to Friday: Walk 45 minutes at a moderate pace, and every other day, increase to 50 minutes
Saturday: walk for 50 minutes a brisk pace
Sunday: Walk 60 minutes at a moderate pace


Stand up straight with your hands down the sides, slide the stomach to tighten the abdominal muscles. Focus look at six meters in front of you and keep your shoulders relaxed, bend your elbows at 90 degrees and your fingers gently pinch the loose fist and walk. The first drop toe when you move, not your fingers. Time becomes easy when you concentrate on the correct movements.

Choose a variety of terrains. Walk a little flat trail, and walk over the hill, so the lower the fast pace and vice versa. More energy you will burn if you’re walking on sand, mud or grass. You change the route, terrain, go into the woods, the rivers, bypass nature and you’ll never be bored. Put on the headphones in the ears, or indulge in the sounds of nature.

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