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Popcorn calories

Many of the girls when they go on a diet, trying to control their diet and looking at the internet  how much some food contains calories. We bring you as how much have 100 grams of popcorn contains nutrients and energy values​​, ie. calories.

popcorn calories

100 grams of popcorn contains approximately:

  • energy 376 Kcal – 1573 kJ
  • protein 13 g
  • fat 4.0 g
  • carbohydrates 72.0 g
  • sodium 3 mg
  • potassium 240 mg
  • calcium 11 mg
  • phosphorus  281 mg
  • iron 2.7 mg
  • vitamin B1 0.39 mg
  • vitamin B2 0.12 mg
  • vitamin B3 2.2 mg

Finally a word of warning. All of the above applies only to prepared popcorn using hot air. If you preparing in hot oil or in bag at microwave, then their caloric value may be four times higher.


Photo by Drregor / CC BY

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