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Start your day with fruits!

Start your day with fruits! This will encourage your subconscious mind that during the rest of the day you choose more appropriate and healthier foods!


It’s long known fact, as you start your day, it will and the same. Well, so is choosing foods. Studies have shown that people who start the day with fruit, choose healthier foods at the rest of the day.

American scientists have decided that a man comes to healthy and unhealthy food. The problem is not the food, but in the dialing sequence, or taking food.

Are you preparing for the breakfast bacon and fried eggs, it is highly likely that you will continue to choose fatty and fried foods. Also, a wide selection of food on the table, it is not a good option. Your breakfast should consist of “targeted” food. Before you going to bed, get informed about real food for breakfast. In the morning, you will immediately know what you want and you will boost your metabolism faster “works”.

Prepared foods is a little more complicated to pack and take to work. While the fruit is very easy to carry. There is nothing better than to start a new day with fruit. It will remove fatigue and increase your amount of energy. Morning is best to choose foods such as apples, bananas and oranges. The combination of fruit maintains satiety little longer time. You will not feel the need for constant snacking.

We recommend fruit for breakfast for people who have decided to quit smoking. Vitamins and minerals from fruits, of the morning start to  “clean” the body from harmful substances which you entered into your body.


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