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Foods that are stealing your youthful look

You probably know that there are foods that prevent premature aging, but did you know that there are those who encourage it?

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Experts point out that free radicals are harmful to overall health and youthful look of the skin.

Fortunately, the damage caused by free radicals can be avoided if you avoid these foods.

Fast food

Harmful for each part of your body. You do not need more explanation. Occasionally consumption will not cause too much damage, but some remain only occasionally. Avoid it!

Saturated fatty acids

These fats should be avoided due to heart health. They are found in snack foods, baked goods and margarine. Avoid anything that the composition of the product has saturated fatty acids or hydrogenated oil. Instead of buying cakes and snacks, rather they prepare yourself to make you healthier.


It is a replacement for fat that is located in the dietary snacks. In addition to causing indigestion, olestra hinders the absorption of vitamins A, E, D and K, and carotenoids. These are all powerful antioxidants that prevent premature aging.


You will find them in cold meats (salami, hot dogs). Nitrates themselves are not dangerous, until it is consumed in large quantities. They can lead to the formation of nitrite, which in turn can form carcinogenic compounds. If you already consume foods rich in nitrates increase the intake of vitamin C, which will prevent the formation of carcinogenic compounds in the digestive system.


We do not mean to moderate amount of red wine, but often exaggerated in alcohol consumption. Alcohol stimulates the production of free radicals that are responsible for premature wrinkles on your face.

Saturated animal fatty acids

You will find them in fatty meats, especially beef and pork, and in the skin of poultry. Be careful with the consumption of full-fat dairy products such as cheese and milk. Fatty meats and full-fat dairy products are not harmful in moderation because then the brain supplying essential nutrients.


This is the worst way of hydration of the body. In a very short period of consumption may increase the risk of developing diabetes type 2. Sodas are full of artificial sweeteners. Replace soda with soda or plain water, and squeezed juices. Try fresh-squeezed juice mixed with sparkling water and get a great refreshing drink.

High fatty and salty snacks

This includes chips, even if it is made using vegetable oils. Avoid these snacks. The balance of the fat in our bodies is of extreme importance. Also, do not overdo the intake of salt, which is a leading cause of high blood pressure. There is evidence that too high levels of omega 6 fatty acids, which are found in snack foods, can cause a variety of chronic diseases.

Frozen foods

It does not have to be necessarily bad if it contains all the “real” ingredients. However, fresh is always a better choice than frozen. It contains more nutrients and fiber that protect health. Although it is generally faster prepared, frozen meals, try to consume less.

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