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Hair myths busted

Pulling out gray hair will not lead to a proliferation of white hair, but it will cause permanent damage to the roots and stunt the place where you pulled the hair.

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Taking care of your hair is not easy and takes a lot of time and effort to be healthy, strong and beautiful. Entrenched, but completely inaccurate beliefs only hinder this process, so you should know the most common myths about hair care and to have faith in them once and for all.

Hair myths that are busted:

Often haircut accelerated growth

Haircut does not accelerate hair growth but affect her health. If you want the ends to be healthy and shiny, shorten them every six to eight weeks, but don’t hope it will therefore begin to flourish.

Pulling increases the number of gray

Many people believe that plucking one gray hair cause the appearance of two, three or more. That is absolutely not true, because it will appear gray to the same extent regardless of whether they are pulling out or not. But that certainly does not mean that you should immediately pluck all sit, because pulling weakens the hair root, which after a while the hair just can not stop growing on parts with which you persistently pulled from the root.

Combing a positive impact on the health of hair

Combing hair is a necessary, but not overly is recommended for hair health. Do not comb your hair except when the entanglement, because you can damage the surface, the protective layer of hair. You can not overdo it because due to frequent combing leads to cracking and hair falling.

Dandruff is a sign of dry scalp

Most women are convinced that the consequences of dandruff is dry scalp, which is totally wrong. Dandruff is actually a phenomenon that occurs due to oily hair.

Hair should be washed every one or two days

You’ve probably often heard that the hair should be washed every one or two days. “Rules” of money to completely ignore because it does not suit every hair type. Listen to your hair and wash it as often as you think is necessary, ie, wash it when it’s dirty.

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