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Why is family planning important?

Maintaining good health of the reproductive system is the primary goal of countries around the world. The lack of care on the design and implementation of family planning has negative consequences. A great number of women around the world die each year from complications arising during pregnancy, and an even larger number of them suffer from complications that hinder their family planning.


Family planning is one of the basic human needs. Information on family planning is an important part of the health care services that promotes reproductive health. However, a large number of couples have no access to modern methods of family planning.

Planning can reduce maternal mortality to greatly reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions that are performed in an insecure manner. Family planning has a major impact on health, economic and social side of life. It is necessary to ensure that:

  • women’s health and reduce the number of pregnancies at risk
  • protection of the health of children and mothers that allows mothers to leave enough time between 2 pregnancy
  • the fight against sexually transmitted diseases that reduce the risk of numerous complications
  • reducing the number of abortions
  • environmental work so as to increase the birth rate, and decreases mortality.

Family planning refers to the fact that a couple should plan when to have children and whether, and what kind of contraceptive use. It includes sex education, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, counseling before conception and management of infertility.

Services, related to family planning, are defined as educational, comprehensive medical and social activities that allow individuals to decide when and how many children to have.

During family planning great attention is paid to the health of the mother. Maternal health refers to the health care of women during pregnancy, childbirth and after childbirth. Although motherhood is a positive experience that fills, too many women are faced with suffering, ill health and even death.

Early and late motherhood, increases the risk of complications. When family planning, women should be aware that the risk of a series of complications increases with aging. Older women and men have a higher risk of having a child with autism or Down syndrome. Also, have an increased risk of gestational diabetes, the need for caesarean section is increasing, and older women’s bodies are not well adapted for delivery.

Family planning is a service which promotes the health of the reproductive system in many ways. Family planning in the lives of women and men has a positive effect, and that in the following ways:

  • provides the necessary information to start a family
  • allows gender equality regarding sexual education
  • reducing maternal mortality
  • reducing infant mortality
  • increasing the expected life span
  • provides a better insight into the nature and manner of use of contraceptives
  • stresses the importance of routine gynecological examinations
  • provides special programs for young couples.

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