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How to make green smoothies?

Green juices have become very popular because they do not require a lot of preparation, they are healthy and delicious. Making green smoothies include the use of quality appliance or blender that will chop vegetables such as spinach, kale or salad. For the balance of flavors we usually add a sweeter vegetables such as carrots or fruit.

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Green smoothie is the best drink for breakfast, or you can keep in the refrigerator at work for lunch. The contents of your smoothies can be a favorite fruit or vegetables to get as tastier drink. You can do it according to the recipe or to taste, because you trial and error will not cost due to the price and quantity of ingredients.

Vegetables that are used must be raw. To facilitate mixing, add the ingredient after ingredient by adding water and eventually increase the time of mixing to get a drink. The longer mixing, smoothie will assume a smooth texture with less rigid pieces.

Always choose homemade smoothies instead of purchased ones

Buying smoothies of fruits and vegetables often contain large amounts of sugar and a minimum amount of fiber. It only hand blender or blender, favorite vegetables and a few fruits and 2 minutes making.

Also prefer to select homemade smoothies instead of juices. Gather juicers separate the fibers that are extremely important for proper bowel function as the body allows more natural digest ingredients. In addition, the smoothie needs fewer components than juice.

Avoid low-quality mixers and mixing without liquid

Start by mixing fruit or vegetable with a high proportion of liquid, or add a little water to the appliance does not overheat. It is known that, among other things, reduces the amount of heat the individual active minerals and nutrients. If you take better mixer or blender, you’re guaranteed to facilitate the preparation of smoothies.

Smoothie should not always be sweet. Do not limit yourself to certain fruits and vegetables, but experiment with your favorite foods. Discover new textures by adding nuts, beans or peas. This is a great way to add protein and natural fats in the smoothie. If you use canned vegetables, first rinse it under running water and drain.

In smoothie you can add dark chocolate, which is an antioxidant, or you can add homemade peanut butter for a richer texture. Remember that it is best to use more natural ingredients grown and smoothie consider more than a meal drink.

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