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Healthy habits that we can take from men

When it comes to healthy habits, sometimes we can learn something of the opposite sex. To help your health, check out which healthy habits we can learn from men.

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Team sports

Statistics show that men are more likely to participate in team sports, which definitely puts women at a disadvantage. Sporting activities such as football and basketball are great for improving heart health and bone strength. Team activities are great for boosting motivation, team spirit and build and maintain social relationships. So you decide to team sports. It does not have to necessarily be basketball or football, volleyball or badminton select.

Avoiding diet

Women are more prone to subjecting diets. Even 70% of the fairer sex are subjected to diets, while it works only 30% of men. The child many women become a lifestyle. Unfortunately, women are easier to watch what you eat and how much exercise but, while men, on the other hand are not so burdened kilograms. Men look at food as a friend, do not count calories and do not starve yourself. It’s a habit that would certainly on the list of female culture.

Do not carry heavy bags

Women were able to come out with a bag weighing several pounds. They are full of little things without which we can not. Men generally carry only a wallet and keys, and that his pockets. It seems that without these, the women needed a trifle, quite normal functioning. So why could not women? His big, too heavy, or replace the empty bag less which will still fit everything you need: hygienic preparations, makeup, cell phone and wallet. In this way you will reduce the risk of back pain and neck pain.

Stop analyze

Women tend to analyze everything: feelings, conversations, relationships, situations at work or analyzing themselves. Women are also much more to heart everything that is happening to them, retold to friends for hours and analyzed. Regardless of the hours of analysis, the actual solutions are rarely truly come. It is quite stressful and encourages bad mood, which is not healthy. Next time I react like a man. Let go of the things you can not influence anyway to take its course, do not bother too much and enjoy life.

Wear comfortable clothes

From high heels to too narrow jeans, women endanger their health, and more and do not feel comfortable. High heels, corset, tight jeans and t-shirts too short can cause a number of problems such as stomach pain, poor posture, back pain, poor circulation, making cellulite and arthritis. Men are always dressed in a way that is pleasant, and it’s time for women to take over and make it a habit.

Exercise with weights

Many women avoid weights in the gym for fear that they too will strengthen the muscles. Unless you’re lifting weights too heavy, it is unlikely that this will happen because women in their organism have that amount of testosterone to build large muscles. Weights will improve health, build a beautiful and sturdy hands and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Take light weights and go to practice because they are also great for weight loss.


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