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Fruit and vegetables that should be avoided during weight loss

Fruits and vegetables belong to healthy food group you should eat each day. But that does not mean that all kinds of fruits and vegetables we can eat in unlimited quantities. Moreover, if you keep an eye on the line, or dieting, enjoying these delicious snacks should be definitely limited.

dried fruit

1. Dried fruits

Dried fruit is healthy. However, due to the specific treatment process during which water is extracted from the fruits, is also very caloric food. In a hundred grams of raisins, for example, is less than 500 calories, so enjoy these sweet morsels certainly be limited.

2. Canned fruits

In the process of canning are added to chemical additives and sugars, which increase the calorific value of the product. Sometimes it is easier to find pieces of canned exotic fruits, but their fresh approach. Keep in mind that a hundred grams of fresh pineapple fruit has about 50 calories, while the same quantity of canned fruit twice as much.

3. Avocados

In this green tropical fruits are essential fatty acids that keep the heart and circulatory system. But in one hundred grams of avocado and 160 calories, which is about four times more than in the same amount of apples. Which would you rather eat?

4. Sweet potatoe

Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamins A and C, and other nutrients. In a hundred grams of cooked sweet potato is 86 calories, a figure doubles if you want to make of it mashed with milk, oil and salt. Instead, turn green leafy vegetables, which in a hundred grams has only 20 calories.

5. Industrial fruit and vegetables

Juices are a good solution for people who do not have the time and opportunity to eat fresh fruits fruits and vegetables. However, when buying such products, should read the declaration. In industrial juices, there are many hidden sugar and salt, that increase the calorific value of the whole of the beverage.

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