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4 Ways to retract him into the vortex of passion!

Compliments, especially those who are concerning his look, will rise up his confidence to the sky and stimulate his sexual desire.

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Although they are reputed to have a voracious when it comes to sex and are always ready for action, it happens that, pressing problems and burdened with how to solve your worries, men simply have no desire for sex.

But with the right tricks, it is very easy to distract their minds and lead them in the right mood.

These four sentences will surely help your to pull  a man into the maelstrom of passion!

1. Ask for receipt, I want to drag you asap at home

You sit in a restaurant or cafe, scratching him leg under the table and declare it – there’s no way to imagination and passion wakes up and does not get the message.

2. Do you remember …

Reminder of sexy situations in the past will at incredible speed deter his thoughts on the problems and raise sexual desire.

3. Want me to massage you?

Massage one can not, and does not want to resist. In addition, massage can be a great foreplay!

4. You’re so sexy

Just like women, men like to hear a compliment, especially one that relates to their appearance. It makes you feel like a seducer which no woman can resist, raise their self-esteem and makes you immediately think of sex.


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